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Guisou Z. Piñeyro has a Master’s degree in public health with a concentration in maternal and child health. Prior to that, she studied pharmacology and received a Master of Science. She is not a doctor or healthcare professional and does not offer medical advice.

Guisou started this blog as an outlet for two of her passions: public health and writing. The common denominator to discovering both of these interests was, oddly enough, French.

Guisou studied French literature as one of her majors in college, which kept her busy writing several papers a week. She quickly grew to enjoy the constant paper-writing as a diversion from Neuroscience (her other major); she discovered there was an art to finding the exact right words to communicate her meaning.

Guisou discovered her interest in public health while working as a research assistant in a Parkinson’s lab in France. Members of the research group were from all over the world, and while everyone spoke English to some degree, for most people French was their language of preference since they had been living and working there for several years. It was this experience of conducting science research in another language that started her thinking about public health (specifically, about health communications and global health interventions). Upon her return to the States, she enrolled in a graduate public health program, and chose to focus her degree in maternal and child health, while also taking classes in the global health and health communications departments.

Guisou spent the majority of her career supporting communications for the National Children’s Study before transitioning to It Can Happen Here, a group dedicated to reducing violence in the US. She lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and is completing a Certificate in Marketing at Georgetown University.


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